1. MA Thesis: The Pragmatics of Prayer: A Linguistic-Pragmatic Approach to the Liturgy of the Catholic Mass (2017) (here)

2. BA Thesis: Via ketterij tot het mysterie: het sacrale en banale in de poëzie van Gerard Reve (2016) (here)

3. 'Why Do I Need to Go to School?' A Plea for Secondary School Projects on the Philosophy of Education (2020) (here)

4. 'I did not cheat on my partner on the boat': semantische/pragmatische vaagheid en oncoöperatieve interpretaties (2017) (here)

5. Between Expressives and Representatives: Potts' Central Proporties of Expressives and their Meaning for the Concept of Argumentativity (2017) (here)

6. An Untimely Lifework: A Review of Roy A. Rappaport's ' Ritual and Religion in the Making of Humanity' (2017) (here)

7. Transubstantiation: Metaphor, Performative or Both? (2016) (here)