I Want to Live on an Abstract Plain

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The I Want to Live on an Abstract Plain-series (the title is taken from a song by Frank Black) stems from a longing for space and solitude. Looking through the viewfinder of my Canon AE-1, focussing on the disorganised patterns and colours on oxidized construction equipment, garage doors and shipping containers, I turn these images into vast 'worlds' into which I can disappear. As I press the shutter release, I do not only capture an abstract two-dimensional image of a corroded object, but also a brief moment of total immersion in my own fantasy. In Andrey Tarkovsky’s film Stalker, a tormented man keeps returning to a mysterious and abandoned area, the Zone, where he finds inner peace as he lays down in the tall grasses, becoming one with the landscape. I think of the photos in this series as ‘little Zones’. The ideal form of exposition would be to print these photos on a man-sized scale and hang them on the white walls and lay them on the floor of a large exposition-space, allowing visitors to disappear into these abstract worlds.