Soundcloud Selections (2019)

Liner notes and album information

Half of the songs on this compilation album were recorded in 2009 and 2010, in the recording studio behind the house in Tilburg where I lived with my friends. We started experimenting with sampling (you can hear Eric Dolphy on 'Ode to Dolphy' and Leadbelly on 'Land of Youth'), creating our own 'hardcore' beats ('Verlassene Fabriken'), using weird scales (e.g. the whole-tone scale in 'Face of Yama') and playing less obvious instruments ('El Ritual Eterno' features organ, recorder and violin). Whenever I hear these tracks, it feels like being warped back in time, to the cold garage where we worked on these sorts of things for nights on end. The other half of this album was recorded in 2018, when I lived in Rotterdam. As should be clear from the title, I've put these tracks together mainly because they first appeared on Soundcloud. However, I believe the spontaneity with which they were recorded allows them to be lined up on one album just as well. 

1. Land of Youth (3:44)
2. Phantom Surfer (5:02)
3. El Ritual Eterno (2:31) 
4. Music for 8 Guitars (15:20)
5. Ode to Dolphy (3:55) 
6. Verlassene Fabriken (3:18)
7. Face of Yama (3:48)
8. Music for a Movie with a Young Robert De Niro (3:39)
9. Monday, May 7 (16:32)

©2019 T.M. van der Zwan
keys and sampling on track 5: Elco Wareman
voice on track 7: Gijs Molsbergen