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Angels Don't Eat


Liner notes and album information

I have always been fascinated by symbols and their paradoxical power to convey something precisely by not addressing it directly. I believe this is why I recorded this concept album about an anorexic woman and her transformation into an angel. Her story allowed me to show rather than state that I am and always have been deeply captivated by one thing especially: our eternal human wish for transcendence, our irrational desire to be reborn in different worlds, our tragic nostalgia for another life – or even just another body. 

1. The Whole Concept of Weight (13:15)
2. How Sad Does a Woman Get? Part I (4:16)
3. Another Life, Another Body (6:58)
4. How Sad Does a Woman Get? Part II (1:25)
5. Throwing Your Arms Around Thin Air (16:32)
6. Bed of Cobweb (7:20)
7. Angels Don’t Eat (7:47)
8. A Ghost Ship (5:21)

Rotterdam, Leuven, May 2018 - May 2019
drums: Merijn ‘Dr. Motorik’ den Boer
master: Renzo van Riemsdijk, Masterenzo
artwork: S.W. van der Zwan (